Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Week, Yesterday and Today

Last Week...
7/12/09   - Akem and I went to Digital Mall, Akem bought RAM, DDRII type for his laptop
8/12/09   - we have to go back to digital Mall, the cina amoi forgot to put the RAM's cover back..hayyaa??
               - my mak and I went to SSF Home Deco,Sri Damansara to buy "barangan hantaran"
9/12/09   - just stay home.."menggubah hantaran"
10/12/09 - watch Santau at Pavilion
11/12/09 till 13/12/09 - stay home....sleep, eat, sleep again, cooking and wat so eva..

went to BB b'coz Akem want to give Dan's headfon back...Dan lambat sbb die nak ambil beberapa rakan utk menyaksikan rakan yg lain nye perform pd mlm hari tu...(hahahaha gelak jahat)...and b'coz of that reason, Akem ask me to "jln2" in the BB Plaza's building just to look around while we wait for them ( Dan and rakan)..the first intend which is just want to look around was changed when Akem bought t-shirt and we wasted our time in the same shop for a few hour..I have to be patient(hahaha, terpaksa).... lepas da penat, dorang still xsampai lg, then, the decision was, bagi je headfon tu kat Napi sbb die je yg dah ade kat kedai mkn kat sblh Hotel Istana...and for that reason also, we can go for diner b'coz we were starving.. and we can go back home b'coz we were sleepy and tired...

Opss....I mean tonight, pergi mkn ngan Akem kat sri Damansara... and otherwise, we've got the very good news... by the way, tq to Farhan b'coz told us that allowance is in!!!! ehem ehem...Shopping time!!!

p/s:i love u