Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Memory of 2009

 Penghabisan 2009 merupakan penghabisan study aku kat MMC... baik buruk college ni tetap menjadi tempat aku menuntut ilmu... the place that brought us together... ya, my friends... i love u all..

g KLCC ngan girlfriends (penghujung sem)

Final exam (DMK n DMG batch April 2007)

Praktikal di TM                                                                 Casting utk poster TM 1Malaysia

Surprise for him

(thanks everyone)

Thanks for everythings... u all da membahagiakan aku... wahhh, poyo... Thanks Allah coz gave me this... people around me, things that i won't ever forget... YOU (Allah) arrange everythings for me so that its can be perfect...Perfect sangat..hehehehe... i'm very grateful, no matter how bad the things, no matter how sad i was... i'm still here, waiting for sumthing new... new journey that YOU (Allah) planned for me... i don't know how far i can go.. but, as long as i'm here i will fulfill my life wif  new excitement... hehhee.. may Allah bless me for what i'm doing... i'll be sumbody sumday... Lastly.. thanks everyone for everythings...

p/s:i love u

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