Monday, August 31, 2009

p.s i love u

today..i'm staying k'sayangan da tggu..hikhik..cerita yg same je pon..bosan la...suddenly, aku cam trase nak kongsi a movie yg aku penah tgk dulu.. title: p.s i love u... artist: Hilary Swank & Gerard giler citer ni..mmg best la..aku tgk leleh air idung ngan air mate..romantic + sad = crying..

cite die camni..pompuan 2 name die Holly, she's so beuty, n married to the luv of her life who is a funny, pasionate n impetuous Irishman named Gerry..So, bile gerry ni da mati sbb sakit, it also takes the life out of Holly..die jd cam da x betol..pakai baju her late husb la, xkemas rumah, xkuar rumah one can help her except the person
who is no longer there..nobody knows Holly better than gerry..sbb 2 la Gerry ni da rancang, b4 he died, he wrote a series of letter dat 'll guide her, not only through her grief, but in rediscovering herself.. msg pertama sampai time mak ngan kwn2 die nak celebrate her 30th b'day.. time nga berkumpul dlm rumah Holly, ade org hantar kek, ade msg ats kek 2 yg gtau kek 2 dr Gerry..mula2 die x p' ade a tape recording from Gerry, who proceeds to tell her to get out n celebrate herself..
After dat, in the week n month dat follow, die trime surat dari Gerry..every letter is signing off in the same way : p.s i love u.. Holly bwat sume bende yg Gerry suruh dlm surat 2..everyday Holly tggu dat letter, sampai mak die risau, sbb mesti surat tu bukan utk selamanye..

time Holly bace surat, die rse cam Gerry ade

lastly, mak die gtau yg surat tu Gerry yg suruh mak die post n mak die bg surat yg t'akhir..She was very sad..die duduk lg kt rumah cam dlu..then, tb2 time die nga tgk tb, die cam minat sgt ngan kasut..die design high heel, then, die g class bwat kasut sbb die nak blaja sgt bwat kasut..kasut pertama yg die bwat, die bg kawan die pakai time kawen...dan die pon da jumpa diri die n b'kawan ngan her late husband's best friend.. korg tgk la sendri..mmg sedih la..nangis tau x..xdpt bayangkan caner klw org yg aku syg tb2 da xde..

p/s:i love u

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